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EasyBoot Epic urethane shoes

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EasyBoot Epic urethane shoes

EasyBoot Epic urethane shoes. How the easy boot replaces the iron or adds some
a protection, prevents hoof pathologies and absorbs shocks on the same. As
all the shoes of this line, EasyBoot Epic is particularly recommended for competitions
of endurance , trekking and complete. Measurements as per table. Black color. Sold in
single pack.

The Easy boot Epic has been used by endurance riders in many thousands of miles of
competition. These riders have proven that barefoot boot ed horses can go any distance
in every type of terrain, and that the Easy boot Epic can withstand the tests the toughest
riders give them. Sold individually.


75-85 mm
86-97 mm
98-110 mm
111-116 mm
117-123 mm
124-130 mm
131-139 mm
140-150 mm
151-163 mm
164-175 mm
176-192 mm


85-92 mm
93-105 mm
106-117 mm
118-124 mm
125-130 mm
131-140 mm
141-150 mm
151-163 mm
164-174 mm
175-188 mm
189-195 mm


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