Equitime is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative products for horse riding.

It was born in 2009, from the strong passion of Piergiorgio Di Benedetto for the equestrian world, in particular for the Endurance. The great knowledge of materials, attention to detail and the experience gained in the field as a knight have allowed Piergiorgio to conceive and create design and avant-garde products.

Each product is designed according to the needs of the horse-rider combination and is the result of constant feed back with professional riders. It is precisely the comparison and total synergy with the customer that allows the creation of unique and performing products.

The company is made up of a dynamic team of young equestrian professionals whose sole objective is to provide excellent service to riders of all disciplines.

Equitime is a constantly evolving reality, established worldwide and always focused on the development of new products.

Piergiorgio di Benedetto