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ARIAT Telluride II H2O Waterproof MAN

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ARIAT Telluride II H2O Waterproof MAN


H2O telluride model

The only boot born for L''ENDURANCE!

The realization of this boot is due to a close collaboration between doctors, orthopedists and athletes. After numerous studies and tests on competition fields, this shoe with incredible properties and innovative materials was obtained. Ariat is the only shoe created specifically for endurance .


A discipline as hard as cross-country skiing involves spending many hours with your feet under stress, with the risk of local tingling, with Ariat® they will be only bad memories. The special gel insole and the double density sole ensure that there is perfect blood circulation and at the same time give a soft and shock-absorbing support. In addition, the plantar martingale attachment in CARBON fiber helps the rider to strain the tendons as little as possible, reducing fatigue; and allows the shoe to have perfect plantar elasticity. The special shape of the sole prevents lateral slipping of the rider's foot by keeping it firmly attached to the shoe. Ariat® as well as a riding shoe, is also designed as a ground shoe, guarantees an excellent posture of the back thanks to orthopedic studies, (excellent for those with back pain or heels), absorbs all the shocks due to pebbles and the ground not uniform and above all Ariat® is perfectly WATERPROOF but at the same time BREATHABLE!

The heel is regulation usable with stirrup without a cage

Whether in saddle or on the ground, products featuring Ariat® technology will drastically reduce fatigue and stress in the feet.

completely WATERPROOF!

only by trying it you will understand the quality of the product


man model ^


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